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I just generated 250,000 unique sentences for XRumer in 8 seconds.
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Everything you need to generate unique SEO content with a few clicks:

  • 1. Build a Content Database
  • 2. Quick Content Generator
  • 3. Customize Output
  • 4. Generate Campaigns

It Starts with the Scraper

Build large, reusable databases of niche-relevant content

67 Article Sources And Counting!

Content Foundry casts a larger net than any other scraper, getting you fresh content from news, article, medical, business, web 2.0 sites, YouTube transcripts, and more - content that has likely never been spun and posted before. It's also no ordinary site scraper. No matter how good a text generation algorithm is, you still need high quality input. Content Foundry uses machine-learning classifiers to weed out the low quality text as it's being scraped, leaving you with better results when you generate content.

Advanced Scraping Filters

Content Foundry's scraping capabilities go far beyond basic article scraping. Each article is broken down to the paragraph, sentence, and word level for processing. Sentences with URLs, for example, are automatically removed. You have granular control over what content is filtered out through a Phrase Blacklist and Language Classifier. If any sentence within an article contains a blacklisted phrase, or is written in a language you don't want, it is removed from the article.

Import and Export Content Components

Expand a content cache by importing articles you've acquired outside of Content Foundry. Tokenized Title and Sentence importing allows you to create templates to generate your content from instead of one of the built in generation algorithms.

Titles, sentences, images, and videos can be exported from a content cache for use with other programs.

Get Instant Access to 10 Million+ Articles

Relying on search engines to find articles is the largest bottleneck for an article scraper. Sources listed in bold text are ScrapeAssist™ enabled, allowing you to query the Content Foundry server for a list of articles to download instead of having to scrape the search engines first. The results are noticible whether or not you use proxies: lightening-fast scraping and more results for your keywords (up to 10,000 instead of Google's 1,000 result limit).

Content With the Click of a Button

create commonly needed content pieces without any configuration

Articles, Titles, Bookmarks, and More

Instantly put your scraped content to work with the Quick Content Generator. The Quick Content Generator creates titles, article bodies, resources, summaries, and bookmarking descriptions with the click of a button.

Easily Configure Quick Content Generator

The Quick Content Generator comes with 12 configurable options. These include word, sentence, and character spinning, generation algorithm, as well as link, image, and video settings for the article body.

Keyword List Generator

Using just the keyword you scraped, Content Foundry can assemble keyword and tag lists for you on-the-fly. Decide whether you want broad, topical keywords, specific long-tails, or a mixture of both. Pick an output format -- spintax, line separated, or comma delimited -- and you're good to go!

GSA-SER Campaign Generator

Dramatically increase what you can accomplish with GSA Search Engine Ranker thanks to the configurable, built-in Campaign Generator. Content Foundry generates all the content needed for a project - including the PDF for document sharing websites - and then inserts your links and anchor text. Simply start up GSA-SER after creating a campaign in Content Foundry and you're ready to build links!

Advanced Content Creation Features

the Quick Content Generator provides speed and convenience
Output Templates deliver exact control over your content

Multiple Text Generation Algorithms

Content Foundry comes with a variety of algorithms you can use to generate the text-based content, including Markov and splicing. You can also use random, unprocessed sentences and titles.

The built-in Markov algorithms deliver content that ranks well because it closely resembles the rest of the sites in your niche in terms of word distributions, lexicon, and LSI. Search engine spiders will see your content as mathmatically relevant.

Context-Aware Synonym Spinning

Say goodbye to stand-alone spinners! With Content Foundry's built-in synonym spinner, people will swear you're hand spinning your articles. The algorithm recognizes more than 36,000 English words, is able to determine the correct meaining of a word, and then choose contextually relevant synonyms for them while adding the right inflection based on part-of-speech and tense.

Multiple Output Formats

The reusable and fully customizable Output Templates provide a lot of flexibility for creating different types of content. Output can be spun with multiple versions, or separated by file or line break. Additionally, links, headings, images, and videos can be marked up with standard HTML, BBCode, and Wiki formats.

Powerul Title Generator

Unique titles are really important. With smaller niches you may find yourself unable to scrape enough content to generate all of the unique titles you need for promotion. Content Foundry can generate more than 10,000,000 unique titles for each one of your keywords using pre-built title templates. Best of all, that's not taking into account word spinning!

Successful SEOs have been using Content Foundry for more than a Year

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All Plans Come With:

Daily Source Updates

Scraper sources are scanned and updated daily so that it always works like new.

New Features Monthly

There's a lot in the works, including new languages and custom markup modes.

New Scraper Sources

We're continually looking for high-quality sources to add, and we're taking suggestions.

Video Training

Quickly learn how to master Content Foundry with the follow-along video course.

Guaranteed Pricing

The price you pay will never go up! Take advantage of the intro pricing while you can.

Dedicated Support

Having trouble? Our support team will help you get the most out of Content Foundry.

No Hardware Locks

Access Content Foundry on all of your computers - just not at the same time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Get a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you don't love Content Foundry.

The answer is

  • Can I use WordAI for automatic spinning and rewrites?
  • Can I scrape a lot of content without proxies?
  • Can I use proxies requiring a username and password?
  • Can I get a report showing proxy health after a scrape?
  • Can I choose to only save content in specific languages?
  • Can I get notified by e-mail when a long scrape completes?
  • Can I control which sites are scraped by category?
  • Can I only scrape content if the keyword is in the Title?
  • Can I scrape articles to a single text file?
  • Can I scrape videos and images?
  • Can I enable safe-search for images and videos?
  • Can I get images automatically mirrored to a public CDN?
  • Can I make bookmarks and article content with a few clicks?
  • Can I generate keyword and tag lists in multiple formats?
  • Can I create content with Wiki, BBCode, or HTML markup?
  • Can I blacklist certain words and phrases?
  • Can I choose from multiple content generation algorithms?
  • Can I spin at the paragraph, sentence, and word level?
  • Can I create line-separated XRumer-style content?
  • Can I create large lists of unique Titles?
  • Can I create complete GSA SER Projects with a few clicks?
  • Can I fully refresh the content of a GSA Project with a click?
  • Can I organize my link lists by Tier 1, Authority, etc.?
  • Can I use tokens instead of actual links?
  • Can I fuzz my links so they don't all look the same?
  • Can I create articles with links, images, and videos?
  • Can I control where links, images, and videos are placed?
  • Can I control the styling of images and videos?
  • Can I use Content Foundry on multiple computers?
  • Will I love Content Foundry?

Still have Questions?

What are the minimum requirements?

  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, or 2008
  • .Net Framework 4 (Full)
  • 1GB of available Ram for Content Generation


  • 2GB of available RAM
  • For extended or high-speed scraping, 25+ Private Proxies

What kind of content can I make?

Content Foundry is capable of creating virtually all content you’ll need for SEO promotion, and is entirely configurable through Output Templates. You'll be able to make everything from articles with images and videos, to lists of line-separated titles and sentences and bookmarking blurbs, to name a few.

Can I use a license on multiple computers?

Yes. You may use Content Foundry on all of your computers (within reason), but each account may only run one instance at a time. There are no hard limits, however account access is tracked, and if we notice abuse or account sharing, we reserve the right to place limits on or terminate your account.

Can I use this content on "Money Sites?"

Unless you’re cloaking, no – this is the one area of content you’ll still want to have written by a human. That being said, Content Foundry’s text generation algorithms are continually being improved, and our ultimate goal is for it to eventually be able to generate content for money sites.

Does the content pass human moderation?

Often, yes. Content Foundry comes with several configurable output settings that dramatically decrease deleted pages or posts due to moderation. First, there are multiple text generation algorithms, allowing you to choose between content that is more unique, and content that is more readable. Next, you can add 'Decoy Intro' paragraphs that are unmodified scraped paragraphs; these are effective because moderators typically won't read an entire post. Finally, Content Foundry can mix relevant images and videos into your content which will decrease moderation.

Do I need proxies to scrape content?

No. Content Foundry scrapes well without any proxies, but for extended scraping they are recommended as sites might start temporarily blocking your IP. Without proxies and most or all sources enabled, Content Foundry scrapes up to ~100 articles per minute.

What proxies are compatible?

Content Foundry works with all HTTP or SOCKS proxies, regardless of whether they are public, private, or shared.

Are there regular feature updates?

Yes. Content Foundry will never be "finished." -- here's some of features currently in the works:

  • Support for German and French
  • Customizable Markup Modes
  • Customizable content styling and CSS Class/ID support
  • Improved Word-Spinning
  • Improved machine learning based text generation
  • Generators for Ultimate Demon, SENuke, Scrapebox, etc.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, there is an affiliate program for those who have an established private marketing channel, such as an e-mail marketing list, a complimentary software product, or a private forum. Affiliates are restricted from promoting Content Foundry outside of approved channels; these include Search and Public SEO Forums. To apply, login and open a ticket.

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A Note From the Developer

Hey, I created Content Foundry. This product has been in the works for over a year now, and I can say with confidence that it will make your life as an SEO professional a lot easier, save you a lot of money on promotional content, and free up time you've been wasting tediously filling out forms for project and campaign creation. I've been doing SEO professionally since 2008, and was fed up with broken scrapers and a clunky content creation processes. Paying hundreds a month for content is just silly -- so I decided to make the tool I needed most.

One thing I think we've all come to dislike about SEO tools is their reliability. With Content Foundry, no corners have been cut. Nothing has been outsourced. Customer support is taken seriously. Give Content Foundry a shot, and I know you'll love it (or you're welcome to a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days).



Kyle J.

aka Ozinix